• How Kiosks Improve the Customer Service
    • 2018-07-05

    Last year, one of the most frequently cited applications for self-service kiosk operators was order-and-pay at restaurants. Self-order kiosks (self order kiosks restaurants) can improve customer servi...

  • Payments on the move
    • 2018-03-13

    Mobile pay is taking China by storm and changing daily commerce. Mainland Chinese stores and services are increasingly centered around mobile pay apps like Alipay and WeChat Pay. When shoppi...

  • Thermal receipt printer or Dot matrix printer
    • 2018-01-31

    Thermal receipt printer or Dot matrix printer, don’t know which one should I choose How to choose the receipt printer? That depends on personal requirement. Even thermal printer or dot matrix printer,...

  • Customer Loyalty Kiosks and Printers
    • 2018-07-05

    The benefits of customer Loyalty Kiosks In the past, loyalty programs have been managed by staff, and kiosks are an ideal complement to the team who manages the program, and operators can deploy their...

  • How convenient it is for a panel printer with auto cutter!
    • 2018-01-11

    As we know panel thermal printer usually include a printer mechanism, interface electronics and a convenient enclosure. It with smart appearance, low noise printing, different interfaces optional, and...

  • Ticket Printing and Kiosk Printing Solutions
    • 2018-01-11

    Whatever your application or direct thermal printing need, Practical Automation can deliver a tailored printing solution to fit your specific requirement. From stadiums to airports, museums to cinemas...

  • New product: self-service kiosk printers KP-300H
    • 2017-12-29

    The Cashino KP-300H printer is a direct thermal ticket printer with an integrated cutting mechanism designed for self service (Kiosk) ticketing environments. The KP-300H features an industry leading p...

  • How to Install a mobile Printer in Windows by USB Cable
    • 2018-07-05

    Sometimes, we would like to connect our mobile pos terminal printer to our PC. But how to make it? The most common way to connect a mobile printer to your PC is by USB cable, after that you can start ...

    • 2017-12-14

    Self-checkouts in supermarkets are increasing as businesses battle to reduce costs and increase service efficiency.  THE ADVANTAGES OF SELF- SERVICEICE   1. Reduced custo...

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