• Smart Retail
    Smart Retail

    Smart Retail Technology applications In recent years, with the voice of smart retailing and new retailing, the popularity of mobile payment methods has made many merchants try to apply related concepts to the retail industry in order to reduce labor costs and attract customers' attention. Many supermarkets have introduced self-service cash register equipment to provide customers with "convenient c...

  • Banking & Finance
    Banking & Finance

    Cashino Technology helps the smart counter, and the trend of bank service "machine substitution" is irresistible. Since the advent of ATMs, self-service equipment has been increasingly used in the banking industry. Previously, some banks have launched self-service counters, but they can only handle non-cash and personal business. Now, the new smart counter has the ability to handle non-cash busine...

  • Vending machine
    Vending machine

    Self-service vending machine application: How to take the lead in the new competitive environment is the biggest consideration in the minds of retail practitioners. Looking at the current situation, the lack of experience and high operating costs have brought the online dividend era to an end, and traditional retail with high labor costs and high rents has deterred participants. As one of the best...

  • Logistics

    Traditional express delivery has encountered many challenges in today's logistics express industry environment: inefficient handwriting entry, illegible writing leads to information system entry errors, traditional needle printing speed is low, etc. The appearance of the electronic face sheet system has greatly improved the efficiency, and with the portable printers of Xiamen Cashino Technology, t...

  • Government

    Government self-service terminal application: With the gradual expansion of the application of artificial intelligence, many government departments have adopted self-service terminal equipment, which is intended to allow data to run more, let the masses run less, and achieve the goal of "not closing" all day. After careful observation by multiple government affairs centers, many government affairs...

  • Smart hotel self-service
    Smart hotel self-service

    Smart hotel-hotel self check-in terminal application: Traditional hotel check-in: Cumbersome check-in procedures, long waiting time for peak check-in, increased labor costs at the front desk, differences in employee service attitudes, disorderly queuing at meetings and team receptions, front desk staff recruitment and labor, hard to reconcile employees in low and high seasons, guests forget to bri...

  • Medical

    The main applications of real-time monitors are in the field of medical devices, such as multi-parameter monitors, maternal and infant monitors, fetal monitors, multi-channel electrophysiological recorders, and electrocardiographs. Recorders corresponding to monitors generally have the following characteristics: ★ Recordable signal types are rich and the output method is extremely flexible。 The re...

  • Instrument and meter Solution
    Instrument and meter Solution

    Testing instrument application Printouts of laboratory test instruments, test instruments for medical tests, and various industrial and engineering test instruments: Finger Fusion Instrument Microplate reader Calorimeter Urine Analyzer Health weighing scale Ophthalmology tester Alcohol Tester Hemoglobin Analyzer Electrolyte analyzer Blood cell analyzer Body Composition Analyzer Fluorescence immuno...

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