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Kiosk Printers -Solutions for self-service kiosks

Self-service technology, including kiosks with kiosk printers, continues to increase in popularity in a wide range of vertical markets. Retailers of all types, as well as quick service restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, casinos, telecommunications companies, transportation providers, and other organizations are implementing these solution.

However, capitalizing on the self-service trend and consumers’ affinity for kiosks in any application — retail or otherwise — necessitates strategic kiosk printer selection. Choosing the right kiosk printer is a matter of understanding the business, the business environment, and customers. It involves careful assessment of the range of feature options.

The kiosk thermal printers offered by Cashino are the ideal solution to meet any printing needs. These are solutions that allow you to print several formats, from receipts to tickets or labels, from 58mm width up to an 108mm width size. These kiosk printers are easy to install, so they are perfect for many fields of application: information kiosks, multimedia, bank agencies, etc.. Reliable and fast, they are designed for all those looking for the latest high quality printing technologies.

KP300 kiosk thermal printer is a durable and compact kiosk printing machine. It comes fully equipped with all of the features for kiosk terminal: best-in-class components, autonomy and easy paper loading, extra 150mm large paper rolls, 250mm/s high printing speed for text, barcodes, logos and other graphics etc. These facilities makes the kiosk printing machine suitable for user-friendly applications like bank ATM, gaming/lottery machines, info and multimedia kiosks and so on.

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