KP-300H - a New 3 Inch Thermal Printer Solutions for Kiosks

KP-300H - a New 3 Inch Thermal Printer Solutions for Kiosks

  • 2018-07-27
As we all know, self-service kiosks allow customers to customize what they want easily, as well as asking for the table service. The result of a 2017 study shows that people has more satisfying experience by using the touching products to order the food. Consumer demand for access to kiosks is growing, as well as the demand of kiosk printers, a important part of self-service kiosks technology.
Choosing the right kiosk printer requires an understanding of the business, business environment, and customers. It includes a detailed assessment of a range of functional options. Presenter, bezel, paper status alerts and printing status alerts are the must-have for kiosk printers. To follow the market trend, CASHINO has launched a 3 inch thermal kiosk printer - KP-300H.

Here are three key functions for KP-300H you may interest in.

Presenter enhances security and protects customer privacy by ensuring that receipts are sent only to the right person. If receipts are forgotten, they remain in the kiosks, and they cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. In addition, the presenter can also prevent paper jams and prevent the receipt falling to the floor.

Bezel acts as a guide to push paper out of the kiosk. It is a good solution if the best kiosk printer for your application is not designed to accommodate a presenter, or a presenter cannot work with a particular kiosk printer model.

Paper near end sensor
Kiosks are typically left unattended for extended periods of time. However, you’ll need to know immediately when a kiosk printer requires more paper. This can be done by paper near end detection function.

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