The technology in the receipt is constantly changing

The technology in the receipt is constantly changing

  • 2018-08-13
There are so many receipts in our lives. We even joke that "receipt paper is even more than the money in our pocket"! But do you find that the hand feeling of receipts is different sometimes. One is the ordinary paper feeling, the other ticket feels more smooth. They are two kinds of receipt papers. What's the difference? Today we are going to talk about two printing techniques that are widely used in receipt printing.

Dot Matrix printing technology

The characteristic of the needle printing technology is that the pressure of the needle will be transferred to the paper medium through the ribbon, and multiple carbon copies can be printed. Because the needle is slightly different, the printed document is unique and hard to fake. But the dot matrix printing technology also has its defects, the main problem is slow!
58mm dot matrix mobile Bluetooth printer
Direct thermal printing technology

A thermal printer works by having a semiconductor heating element on the print head, which is similar to a thermal fax machine. The image is created by heating it to produce chemical reactions in the membrane.

Compared with the dot matrix printing technology, the thermal printing technology has obvious advantages in a "fast" word. However, since the thermal printing medium must travel on the thermal paper, the thermal paper will not be saved due to the interference of environmental temperature, and the printed bill will be saved for a short time. The printed bill will fade obviously in about three months, so it is difficult to identify the printed information.

How to choose between thermal printer and dot matrix printer? It depends on the demand!
If the bill you need to print is unique and lasts for a long time, then choose the printing product equipped with pin printing technology. On the contrary, you pay more attention to the printing speed, and the printing information does not need to be stored for a long time to choose thermal printing.

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