• 2020-06-11

Traditional express delivery has encountered many challenges in today's logistics express industry environment: inefficient handwriting entry, illegible writing leads to information system entry errors, traditional needle printing speed is low, etc. The appearance of the electronic face sheet system has greatly improved the efficiency, and with the portable printers of Xiamen Cashino Technology, the above problems are solved.

At present, the traditional express waybill is used: the courier picks up the door, the sender fills in the express waybill manually, and the goods are sent back to the courier company to enter the data. Using electronic face slips can reduce the number of entries and increase the amount of face slip information.

The face sheet printer provided by Xiamen Cashino Technology can also print 44mm, 58mm, 80mm size label paper or ordinary thermal paper, whether it is an electronic face sheet or a thermal receipt, it can be easily printed. A variety of interfaces are available to cooperate with mobile terminals. It is an excellent printing device that improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Suggested items :CSN-400,CSN-310,K-380

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