• 2020-06-11

The main applications of real-time monitors are in the field of medical devices, such as multi-parameter monitors, maternal and infant monitors, fetal monitors, multi-channel electrophysiological recorders, and electrocardiographs. Recorders corresponding to monitors generally have the following characteristics

Recordable signal types are rich and the output method is extremely flexible

The recording speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the text of the curve can be selected, and the graphics can be recorded and printed. The curve can be selected in real-time and non-real-time recording methods.

        ★ Flexible high recording resolution
        The user can set the print resolution to 16dot/mm, 40dot/mm according to different requirements. If users need to print ECG and multi-parameter high sampling rate waveforms, they can use the real-time recording method with 40dot/mm resolution. The recorder can  automatically print out 1-3 high-quality, high-precision curve waveforms in real time. The curve resolution far exceeds the accuracy of other printed products, making the output curve smooth and exquisite, and the ECG output completely eliminates the "ladder" phenomenon

        ★ Strong interface communication capability

Digital signals that can match various sampling frequencies of the host, through high-speed dynamic tracking technology, the signals of different sampling frequencies can finally be output at a constant high-speed real time; when the host sends curve data to the recorder, it can be sent point by point or approved give away

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