Smart hotel self-service

  • 2020-06-11

Smart hotel-hotel self check-in terminal application:

Traditional hotel check-in

Cumbersome check-in procedures, long waiting time for peak check-in, increased labor costs at the front desk, differences in employee service attitudes, disorderly queuing at meetings and team receptions, front desk staff recruitment and labor, hard to reconcile employees in low and high seasons, guests forget to bring room cards when going out, and many other inconveniences the elements of.

Refine it

1. Labor cost is too high

2. During the check-in process, the waiting time for opening the room card at the front desk is too slow, and the registration information opens the room card at 300 seconds +

These problems have a long history,but few bosses improve;In order to solve the long-standing incurable diseases of the hotel, the smart hotel self-check-in terminal was born in response to this, successfully overcoming the embarrassment faced by the hotel reception.

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