The Advantages of Thermal Paper

The Advantages of Thermal Paper

  • 2018-05-30
When you check out at a supermarket for the stuff you buy, the cashier will use thermal printer printing thermal receipt to help you keep a better eye on your spending. This receipt is thermal paper.

Thermal paper is a special paper type that is produced with specialty coating allowing for inkless printing. Through heating to the coating, a clear image is formed on the paper without using ink or ribbons. Thermal paper plays an important role in thermal paper printing. For the low energy consumption and low maintenance cost, thermal paper is considered as one of the most economical printing technologies.

Faster and low noise
Thermal paper printers are much faster than other types of printer, and this helps in high-volume printouts. Although it's a high-output printing, the procedure is smooth and low noise.

Higher quality image printing
On application of heat to the coating, the images created on thermal paper are clearer and of higher quality than other printing types. For this advantage, thermal paper are integrated in the places from all kinds of shops and stores, where use the thermal receipt as evidence of consumption, to hospitals where the accuracy of printout is critical. Thermal paper printer can also print high quality barcode on the paper, this makes complex transactions like returns and exchanges much easier for customers and retailers.

More reliable and durable
An inkless thermal paper printer has fewer moving parts, so they are unlikely to jam and don’t break down easily. It's more reliable and durable than other types of printers. This saves much money for lower maintenance costs.

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