Mobile government solutions

Mobile government solutions

  • 2017-10-30

Industry Overview

With the deepening of reform and opening up, the public on the law has put forward higherrequirements for enforcement agencies work efficiency, response, adaptability and business enforcement capacity. For mobile and emergency industries, it is impossible to meet the requirements of the public and increase the number of staff in the traditional way.

Only by relyon information technology, the service, comprehensive supervision, law enforcement process of mobile, digital, network and intelligent, to the efficiency of science and technology in order to improve the accuracy of business law enforcement and rapid response capability, while reducing human factors on regulatory enforcement Of the interference, from the technical to ensure that the law enforcement process of public, fair and impartial. "Mobile business law enforcement system" is to serve this goal of a new generation of wireless information products.

Mobile law enforcement program introduction
1. Mobile law enforcement is the most important task of business in daily work. It mainly includes the inspection and inspection of enterprises, the evidence of illegal acts and the punishment of illegal acts.

2. System structure diagram
Business and law enforcement officers can use the mobile industrial and commercial law enforcement system to print out a notice book or a penalty decision document on-site through mobile handheld devices and a portable paper printer, which greatly reduces the problem of law enforcement documents and shortens the production of law enforcement instruments Of the production time, the production of law enforcement documents only need to press the business through the software to print the law enforcement instruments button, a few seconds to produce a very standardized, clear law enforcement instruments.

Traditional manual law enforcement instruments have the following questions:
1. The efficiency of law enforcement is low;
2. The law enforcement process in the production of legal documents prone to error;
3. Handwritten law enforcement instruments in today's information age is not standardized and serious;
4. Manual law enforcement documents into the computer prone to error;
5. With the bank on the fine reconciliation will find a lot of mistakes and prone to disputes.

Mobile enforcement Benefit
1. Improve the efficiency of law enforcement, the average law enforcement time only 3-4 minutes
2. The law enforcement process more standardized and more serious.
3. Greatly reducing the production of law enforcement documents when the error
4. Greatly enhance the efficiency of law enforcement follow-up processing, reconciliation, illegal information entry are completely automatic completion.
5. the owners can pay a fine in a very short period of time.

The Application of Handheld mobile receipt printer in Mobile Policing
At present, the proportion of our police in the total population has been much lower than the world average, only 0.13%, only the world average of 0.35% 1/3 strong, also far below the US 0.325%, more low 0.85% in Russia, but with the urbanization process continues to accelerate, the rapid development of road traffic, police traffic police increasingly arduous task, the community on the traffic management requirements are getting higher and higher, so the scene quickly law enforcement and standardize the field of law enforcement The instrument has become the traffic police management information construction in the top priority

CASHINO Solutions:
1. Site processing
Fundamentally avoid the manual labor and information secondary entry, effectively reduce the handwriting errors and human interference,

Not only regulate the production of legal instruments, but also greatly improve the efficiency.

2. Enhance the driver's satisfaction with law enforcement
Increase the transparency of law enforcement, improve the efficiency of traffic police law enforcement.
Real-time illegal handling, "the first violation of punishment" according to evidence.
Establish a good image of the government function in the public.

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