How to ensure the reliability of kiosk thermal printers?

How to ensure the reliability of kiosk thermal printers?

  • 2018-09-30
Anyone who touches a printer knows that the printer has a bad tendency, that is, the paper jam, the ink ran out, and gradually become a nuisance, kiosk thermal printers are no exception, but if you follow some simple steps, they can improve stability.
Kiosk thermal ticket printer
Don't save money on the printer
Many kiosk businesses will try to buy the cheapest printer. When the printer is broken, they will have to make a service call. If you add up the cost of repairing, buying a higher-end printer will be more cost-effective. Invest more money in a kiosk printer usually provides you with high-quality parts such as better print head, cutters and stepper motors. These can help your printer to last a bit, avoid angry customers, and ultimately increase your return on investment.

Careful paper jam
The best way to avoid this problem is to print as slowly as possible and design your kiosk to keep the customer's hand away from the printer. To prevent this problem from happening, kiosk manufacturers can develop a sink. The idea behind this design is that consumers usually understand its purpose and wait for the paper to fall into the chute instead of covering the opening of the printer, which can cause a paper jam. It can also prevent consumers from pulling paper when they are not finished printing. Printing speed can also cause paper jams, and if you let your device print faster than it would have been designed to cause a paper jam. It also lowers overall quality. The only way to prevent this is to set the printer to print as slowly as possible

Remember customers
Whichever printer you choose, you still need to answer this basic question: "How does this device improve the customer's experience?" If the design is poor, it will cause customer dissatisfaction, the customer will probably again avoid the use of the kiosk, or, worse, tell their friends not to use the kiosk.

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