Why A Thermal Printer Is Better Than Dot Matrix Printer

Why A Thermal Printer Is Better Than Dot Matrix Printer

  • 2017-08-11
Thermal printer has been being an important role in various of industries, especially in supermarket or restaurant. POS receipt printer is the one of the best application in restaurant industry. Most of the POS receipt printer use thermal line printing method. Of cause, there has dot matrix POS printer. However, dot matrix POS printer is unpopular, even though its printing carbon paper can be stored for a longer time.

POS receipt printer
Why do people prefer to integrate thermal receipt printer into their business? There are 4 reasons accounting for this phenomenon.

1.Printing speed and noise.

Compared with dot matrix printer, the printing speed of thermal printer is fast. And the noise is very low.

2.Print quality

Thermal printers create higher quality images than dot matrix printers. The images created by thermal printers are also more legible because there is no ink to smudge.

3.Printing cost

Thermal printers use heat to produce image on paper. They are inkless and don’t need ribbon. The only consumable needed for thermal printing is the paper. This can save money for the user.


MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failure. This is the standard for measuring the average time between failure for any device. Thermal printers don’t have extra moving parts as they heat the image on the thermal paper. Dot matrix printers are easily damaged when coins are dropped into the printer mechanism.

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