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Troubleshoot Four Common Problems of Printer

It may make you very restless when you need to print something which is important, and your printer doesn’t want to cooperate. If you experience printer error, you need to know why the printer doesn’t work as usual and troubleshoot its problem. Here I would like to present four common problems during using the printer.

1.Thermal receipt printer is connected with computer by serial port. But there are many error codes in the receipt when the printer prints. To solve this problem, please make sure the baud rate of your computer is same as the printer.

2.How to install the printer driver of shared network printer? Open the on-line neighbor, find out the shared printer on the computer. Double-click it to install the driver to local-print.

3.How to fix a jammed cutter on a printer? Press or pat slightly on the printer cover, then reboot to check if the cutter has been reset. If has not, you can adjust the slow motion knob on the printer. Open the printer’s front cover, then rotate the gear to make the cutter go back. Or use the cross head driver to rotate the printer’s knob to make it and open the cover.

4.If the printer has water damage, you must turn off the power immediately. You can use the hair dryer to blow-dry the each part , such as mainboard and printer head. Please note the temperature should be 50℃.

Thermal receipt printer

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