What is a Thermal Panel Printer with Auto cutter?

What is a Thermal Panel Printer with Auto cutter?

  • 2022-01-28

Thermal Panel Printer with Auto cutter

If you make a equipment that needs to produce a printout,

then integrating a “Thermal Panel Printer” could be a quick and easy way to do it

What are Panel Printers? Panel printers are small, Easy to install, highly reliable ,with different interface optional,with auto cutter,and they don’t need any ink!

In simple terms, just reserve a spot on the product panel and load the flatbed printer from the front.Secure it from the back with the clamp supplied, then plug-in power and data from a USB or Serial port on your product. Using“Easy Paper Load” system, simply put the roll in, close the door, and you're ready to print. A variety of driver software are available to suit most applications.

As panel printers are loaded from the front they are particularly well suited to manned applications where trained staff use a device or instrument. They are regularly used in financial self-service terminals, communication self-service terminals, coupons self-service terminals,ticketing self-service terminals,power self-service terminals,medical self-service terminals, insurance self-service terminals,tax kiosks, self-service terminals such as kiosk terminal equipment, tanker, Queuing machines and so on. So, whether your business builds kiosk machine or POS machine, if you are looking for an easy way to produce a printout, then this kiosk panel thermal printer could be the solution for you. Check out the EP-382C and EP-381C models from Cashino Technology Co.,Ltd and call us at for more information.

We are a manufacturer specializing in thermal printer over 11 years.We consequently providing knowledge, experience and good advice around all Thermal Panel Printer products & services when and where you need it.  If you cant find an off-the-shelf solution that meets your requirements Contact Us today and speak with a member of our design team.

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