What Benefits Can a Thermal Printer Bring to You

What Benefits Can a Thermal Printer Bring to You

  • 2017-11-27
Direct thermal printing technology is an efficiency and economic printing solution, which is widely used in micro printers, such as the pos bill printer, mobile printer and kiosk printer etc. It has been bringing great convenience in our daily life and business.

Faster printing speed – Thermal printers are able to print at much faster rates than other printers. Their printing heads create images in milliseconds, resulting in much faster lines per second and images which dry extremely quickly. This increased speed enables faster printing of labels and receipts for shipping or packaging , etc.

Lower printing costs – Thermal printers are inkless, using heat to react with the paper to create images, giving up ribbons or cartridges in the process. Without the need for these consumables, you can save money on materials.

Higher printing efficiency –Because they contain fewer moving parts and no consumables besides paper, thermal printers can be used continuously by employees with fewer interruptions. and ribbons and ink cartridges never need to be replaced (because there aren’t any).

Higher printing quality – Thermal printers create higher quality, more durable images than impact printers. They produce clear, long-lasting images that are more resistant to factors such as oils, climate, UV rays, etc. The images created by thermal printers are also more legible because there is no ink to smudge.

Lower Maintaining Costs – Thermal printers contain fewer moving parts than their impact counterparts, which in turn makes them more durable and reliable. There are fewer things that will go wrong, leading to less down time for thermal printers. Additionally, maintenance costs are apparently lower as complicated repairs are unnecessary and service required less frequently. All of these leads to a lower cost of importing.

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Greater performance, better quality and reduced operating costs…all good reasons why thermal printing can benefit your business! Contact us if you are interested in more. Our company's website:


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