Printing business service industries increased Bullish of demand of receipt printer

Printing business service industries increased Bullish of demand of receipt printer

  • 2016-05-06
Tax invoice printing, print payment window, ticket printing and other small shops, bank, taxation, health care to food, logistics and other industries, ticket printing business has become more and more. Credit card transaction documents, statements, inventory consumption, the payment notice or invoice printing needs of various industries are increasingly diverse, accompanied by an increase in traffic ticket printing in different sectors, will promote the development of domestic industry market.

Currently, receipt printer as distinguished from common office laser printer has been widely used in many occasions. Such as: small supermarkets print tickets, invoices, check with the company's financial printers. In addition there are many uses: for example, the traffic police ticketed scene with portable receipt printer, ACD and other self-service embedded kiosk ticket printer

After several years of rapid development, receipt printer market both in printing technology or in the printer species ( such as portable printers, embedded printers, desktop printers) are more and more mature. Printing solution is also more humane, in particular thermal receipt printers.

“Thermal receipt printer with fast print speed, good quality, low maintenance cost, compact shape, etc, especially for catering, logistics, supermarket and other service industries ticket printing, and in many cases are slowly replacing dot matrix printer.” Said by expert.

Although in recent years the industry situation is excellent, but the competition between domestic and foreign businessmen has further intensified. Printing, product updates, service providers and other factors will affect the marketing business. At the same time, which is also a new opportunity for CASHINO development, innovation and resources combined with new developments in the industry welcome.

Public information services industry, the rise of self-help, will stimulate the development of industry market, within the next five years, market development will be greatly improved, for printing manufacturers both opportunities and challenges.

CASHINO is a professional thermal printers provider, specializing in product research and development in the field of commercial paper printers, we have developed a variety of thermal printers, bar code printers, embedded printer, small ticket printer dot matrix printers and other receipt printers, after years of development and growth, the printer has now become a well-known brand in the field of special instruments, products widely used in government, education, finance, media, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets and other fields.

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