Does the direct thermal ticket printer really have ink?

Does the direct thermal ticket printer really have ink?

  • 2018-05-23
"This thermal printer used to print very well. Why can't it print out the words after loading the thermal paper now? Is the printer running out of ink?"

To answer this question, let's learn more about direct thermal ticket printer.

A printer is nothing more than a machine that presents people’s thoughts with certain forms of expression in a specific medium, including text, images, shapes, etc. For example, thermal printers are presenting the graphics and text that people want to express through the thermal paper.

 Ticket printers can be classified into direct thermal ticket printer, thermal transfer printer, and dot matrix printer according to the printing method.
direct thermal ticket printer

The working principle of a thermal printer is: A semiconductor heating element is mounted on the print head. When the print head is heated and touches the thermal paper, the desired pattern can be printed. This principle is similar to a heat - sensitive fax machine. The image is generated by heating and producing a chemical reaction in the membrane of the thermal paper. This thermal printer chemical reaction is performed at a certain temperature. High temperatures accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature is lower than 60°C, the paper needs to go through quite a long time, even for several years, to become dark color; and when the temperature is 200°C, this reflection will be completed in a few microseconds.

So in order to make the thermal printer print graphics and text, it must meet two conditions, thermal paper, and high temperature, instead of ink.

Why can't the thermal printer print? You can find the reason according to the two conditions mentioned above.

First, thermal paper.

Must use thermal paper. Plain paper is not impossible to print out the word. If you use thermal paper, and still can't print out, you can check if the paper is not installed well. There is only one side of the thermal paper that can be printed, which is smoother and will have a black scratch with a fingernail. This trick can also be used to determine whether it is plain paper or thermal paper.

Second, high temperature.

Thermal slice must produce high temperature, then make the heat sensitive paper reaction and print out the text. Of course, you can't directly touch the thermal slices by hand, otherwise, the hand will burn. If you use the thermal paper and install it correctly, and the thermal printer still can't print words, or print out of the writing blurred. Mostly the thermal head is defaced. You can wipe it with alcohol to see if it can be improved. If it is still vague, mostly the thermal slice is broken and needs to be replaced.

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