O2O E-commerce Future Trends CASHINO Thermal Receipt Printer

  • 2016-07-15

O2O(Online To Offline), namely network as a reception line transactions from online boot, under a trade-line consumption patterns. O2O model will integrate online and offline, consumers through the network of goods or services or to filter payments per transaction can be tracked.

With the popularity of mobile Internet and mobile devices, various fields are also rushing into this market, but also look to borrow from the O2O mode tied more consumers. such as the Amazon is not only to sell things on the web, has launched Home Services (housekeeping, service 020), covering home improvement, auto repair, lawn care, electrical maintenance and other service entities, some sellers also launched a mobile phone APP, enabling consumers to shop at the store can have immediate promotional information.

O2O model brings a richer shopping experience, the future is no longer online O2O launch more attack by the line, which will tend to blur the boundaries, O2O wave at all the Internet era started.

In this model, CASHINO do a new strategic adjustment, cooperate with Taobao, Meituan, Elema and other business to launch new APP, so that consumers can make order online anytime and anywhere, business can quickly clear print out consumer listing, achieve win-win.

CASHINO have a variety of wireless thermal printers, such as Bluetooth printers, WIFI printers, IR printers. Now we make a details introduction as a kind of portable Bluetooth printer PTP-II.

1.   Install APP on your devices(phone, pad or other devices)

2.   Connect devices with printer via Bluetooth/WIFI/USB

3.   Input details and print.

Is it very easy?



CASHINO is a professional thermal printers provider, specializing in product research and development in the field of commercial paper printers, we have developed a variety of thermal printers, bar code printers, embedded printer, small ticket printer dot matrix printers and other receipt printers, after years of development and growth, the printer has now become a well-known brand in the field of special instruments, products widely used in government, education, finance, media, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets and other fields.

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