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  • 2016-07-04

Technology has changed life everywhere. Since 1983 the world's first hand-held wireless phones today come to light various models of mobile phones, we can see that people in the pursuit of fast communications while also focusing on the product itself bring lightweight, compact.

Now, micro-printer has been widely applied to all walks of society, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, banks Queue, mobile police system, utility meter reading and so on. But we recognize that the degree of micro-printer is not high, I would like to CASHINO printer, for example, give you a brief explanation.


1.   Printing Methods: Dot matrix printers, thermal printers.

Dot matrix printing is used to print the needle hit the ribbon, the ribbon of ink printed on the print paper. For example PDM-02.

Thermal printing is by way of heating coated thermal printing paper medium discoloration. For instance PTP-II, PTP-III, CSN-A1.

2.   Data transmission: Wired, Wireless.

Wireless micro printer using infrared or Bluetooth, WIFI for data communication, cable micro printing through serial, parallel, USB, network interfaces and other means of data communication.

3.   Workplace: Portable printers, Desktop POS printers, Embedded micro printers.

Portable mini printers with smaller, battery-powered, using infrared or Bluetooth technology for data communication, and some use the USB interface for data transmission, mainly used for a variety of mobile applications, such as mobile police system, government departments, mobile law enforcement system, outdoor equipment inspection, logistics systems and other delivery order.

Desktop POS printers usually placed on the desktop serial or parallel data received by printing, normally used for POS machines small ticket printing or print the test results with the instrument.

Embedded micro printers. Strictly speaking, the embedded micro-printer can not be considered a complete product, but a product of the component. Commonly used for printing on embedded instrumentation, embedded or ATM machines, and other print Queue.


In fact, it also can be done in many different ways other classification, such as different paper width, bills printed: 58mm, 80mm, etc; barcode printing labels: 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch. You can also press the print media to distinguish between: the support of ordinary printing thermal paper, two or triple carbon paper, thermal label, tag, washed Mark so on different media.

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