What is Direct Thermal Printers?

What is Direct Thermal Printers?

  • 2018-07-05

A direct thermal printer is made up of thermal head (generates heat; prints on paper), platen (a rubber roller that feed paper), spring (applies pressure to the thermal head, causing it to contact the thermosensitive paper) and controller boards (for controlling the mechanism). It uses a thermal print-head heating to thermal paper or labels directly to print.


The advantage of direct thermal printer is low cost. Unlike with inkjet printer and thermal transfer printer, direct thermal printer doesn’t need ink, ribbon or toner when it prints. You don’t pay extra money for these materials. Only thermal paper or labels are needed. In addition, Direct thermal printer prints faster than dot matrix printer.


Direct thermal printer only prints black images. Printing images can’t be kept for a long time. Usually, it may fade after 6 months.

What is the applications

Direct thermal printers are widely used in retailers of all types, supermarket, logistic and warehouse, etc. It includes thermal mobile printer, thermal kiosk printer, thermal POS printer and thermal panel printer, etc.


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