The Tips to Choose a Portable Receipt Printer

The Tips to Choose a Portable Receipt Printer

  • 2017-06-26
Are you a deliverer and need to print out a receipt while on the move? Do you need a small ticket printer for your business and store? Portable receipt printers are ideal for business travelers to make you more independent in above situations.

Portable receipt printers are not only small size but also light weight, which means they are more convenient to be carried here and there, or even put in your pocket. They are well designed to meet the field of mobile printing demands.

How do you select the best portable receipt printer? In the next moment, I would like to recommend some buying tips for your consideration.

1. Size and weight. Size and weight are one of the most important element you must think over. The smaller and the lighter the better. Normally, up to 2.5kg is acceptable.

2. Power supply. Whether it can support the battery or not is an important criterion for portable printers. Generally, portable receipt printers use easy charging and stable Lithium-ion battery as their source power. You can make comparison for each battery’s power when you’re shopping.

3. Connector. A good portable receipt should have wireless connection: Bluetooth, WIFI or Infrared interface, which allows to connect with multiple devices without a cable and print directly.

4. Performance. Printing speed and quality of a portable receipt printer can be impressive. Printing speed is measured in inch-per-second (IPS). Printing quality depends on print resolution capability and is measured in dots-per-inch (DPI). The higher of IPS and DPI the better.

Other important tips to consider are paper size, compatibility and price. Make sure the printer is compatible with your print APP.

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