PDM-02 : Wireless 2''  dot matrix printer!

PDM-02 : Wireless 2''  dot matrix printer!

  • 2021-12-14

1. What is dot matrix printer?

A 2'' dot matrix printer is an impact printer that prints using a fixed number of pins or wires.

2. What are the advantages of PDM-02 dot matrix printer?

The advantage of Dot matrix printer Support double non-carbon carbon paper, text printing speed, clear printing effect. At the same time, a simple paper loading structure is adopted to make the operation easier.In addition,Dot matrix printers print out paper that keeps longer than thermal printers.

PDM-02 subversion of the traditional needle printer bulky design, compact, portable, support Bluetooth wireless connection,text ticket printing all in the "hand".

PDM-02 dot matrix printer

3. What are the applications of PDM-02 dot matrix printer?

Double bills dot matrix printer:For expressways, toll collectors can use PDM-02 to print bills on site, guide vehicles to pass quickly, and relieve congestion at toll stations.

Wireless double invoices dot matrix printer:For logistics operation, logistics distribution vehicles, delivery personnel can use PDM-02 to print invoices, distribution lists, etc., to help the efficient operation of logistics and transportation links.

Easy to carry needle printer:For the construction site, the person in charge of the project can use PDM-02 to print the material check receipt to quickly complete the cargo docking and improve work efficiency etc.

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