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How to select a kiosk thermal printer: Part one

With the development of electronic information technology, more and more electronic devices come into our life and play an increasingly important role. Among them, the emergence of self-service terminals to provide us with great convenience. Shopping, medical treatment, movie watching and other fields are using self-service terminals, such as Self ordering kiosk, bank ATM, queue machine, ticket machine, etc. How do these self-service terminals print receipt, ticket or bill? The trick is a kiosk thermal printer.

Kiosk thermal printer plays an important role in the self-service terminal industries. However, how to select the printers for your self-service machine as there are many kinds of kiosk printers in the market? Here we will talk about some feature-related issues, presenter and interface type.

Kiosk thermal printer

Presenter. A presenter is a device that mounts on the front of a printer and basically prevents the user from touching and pulling the printed document before it is severed from the paper supply. In addition, if a printout is not taken after a certain period of time, private information can be protected by retracting the printout back into the kiosk and dropping it into a reject bin. This also can keep the floor safe.

Interface type. There are a various of interfaces that can be used to connect the printer to your host system, such as RS232, TTL, USB or Ethernet. The first issue that affects the selection of interfaces depends on whether the printer will use text or graphic printing. Basically, if you use text printing, you can use an RS232 or TTL interface because you are not sending much data, and RS232 or TTL is relatively slow. But if you're using a Windows or Linux driver, you're printing graphics and need to use USB or some other high-speed interface for reasonable printing speed, especially if the printout is wider and more information must be sent to represent a single printed line. Ethernet interface can plug a printer directly into your computer network without the need for wiring. This is especially handy for certain types of applications (such as POS systems) that require multiple printers.

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