Hot Cashino 80mm Self-service Kiosk Thermal Printer KP-347 select to you.

Hot Cashino 80mm Self-service Kiosk Thermal Printer KP-347 select to you.

  • 2021-03-24
When it comes to Self-service kiosk Thermal Printer,It’s easy for everyone to think of bank ATM, Self-ordering kiosk, Vending machine, self-service kiosk, and so on.With the development of technology, people’s demand for printers is also increasing.For Cashino, which is a manufacturer specialized in thermal printers over 10 years.

Today, we would introduce one of our Hot 80mm Kiosk Thermal Printer KP-347 to you

Self-service kiosk Thermal Printer

KP-347 is 3inch kiosk Machine thermal printer which is consist of thermal printer head ,auto-cutter and control board.

It is used for financial self-service terminals, communication self-service terminals, coupons self-service terminals, ticketing self-service terminals, power self-service terminals, medical self-service terminals, insurance self-service terminals,tax kiosks, self-service terminals such as kiosk terminal equipment, tanker, Queuing machines and so on.

The features as following:

  • 200mm/sprinting speed
  • 80mm kiosk/ticket printer module
  • Auto paper loading type
  • Auto Feeding/easy-paper loading
  • Full or partial cutter
  • Multi Position paper roll
  • Take out paper sensor
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