Portable printers get more and more industry attention

  • 2016-06-23

Now, with the development of mobile office, market a variety of office printing equipment is equipped with features and more user-friendly and comprehensive, "dapper" products applied to areas more extensive. For those who work outside the home, a notebook or portable printers get more and more industry attention.

Previously, they often encounter embarrassing: such as banking, insurance industry professionals to go out to see clients in urgent need of the contract could not immediately print out a receipt. Long-haul drivers and traffic police can not be printed ticket, people who travel often and can not always immediately stored computer editing and worry, all of which allow a person to go out to negotiate or office parties do nothing.

Now, in the trend of intelligent mobile office, appeared on the market a variety of commercial office portable printer or one machine, these portable devices, not only exquisite workmanship, the bag can be put away, working efficiency is improved, effective solution to the need for more mobile office people.

CASHINO portable printers with small size, fast print, long-time continued work. It can be widely application mainly in the Traffic Police, taxi meter reading, distribution of tobacco, food and beverage industry and so on.

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