How to Select a Receipt Printer for Mobile POS

  • 2016-05-16

1.   What is Mobile POS

An Mobile POS (mobile point of sales) is a smart phone, tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sales terminal.

2.   Important of Mobile POS

The increase in ownership of smart phones and other handheld devices is making us, as consumers, more used to finding information and undertaking transactions wherever and whenever we want. In this day and age, customers expect to see their favorite restaurants and stores using technologies similar to the ones they use on a daily basis.

Mobile POS solutions allow you to extend your reach and streamline your sales operations. They are ideal in stores and restaurants where technology is valued, space is limited and mobility is vital. Think about it: a state-of-the-art mobile POS system – complete with a printer – can perform end-to-end transactions in the time it might take a customer to travel to a traditional point of sale at the counter. With an effective printing solution, employees can complete transactions and generate receipts from handheld units.

3.   Determine which printer type fits your goals.

Thermal printers

To produce an image, thermal printers selectively heat coated thermal paper as it passes over the print head. Their advanced design makes them ideal for modern, fast-paced restaurants or stores with a mobile strategy.


Impact dot matrix printers

Impact printers use pins and ink ribbons to produce a series of dots. These printers can usually print black and red ink as well as graphics. Restaurants might favor this type of printer for their kitchen environments, as the paper used with thermal printers can be affected by extreme kitchen temperatures.


Portable printers

The sleek, compact and lightweight design of portable printers allows the operator to step out from behind the counter and engage the customers on the floor. They can be worn by retail or restaurant employees on a belt or shoulder strap, allowing their hands to be free to operate a mobile device for payment processing, tableside ordering and line busting applications. Because they are purpose-built to be used with smartphones and tablets, they are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. They are able to print wirelessly using either Bluetooth or wireless LAN connectivity.


4.   Considerations of your selection

How will your receipt printer connect, or interface, with your computer? The types of interfaces are RS232 serial, Parallel, and USB. Make sure to think through what types and how many ports are available on your computer, as well as any other peripherals that will also need to be connected through the existing ports.

Is the receipt printer compatible with you POS software? Most are, but it ‘s best to check with the software vendor before purchasing. Christophe Naasz, Marketing Director of Star Micronics, offers this advice: “One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a POS printer is the support team behind the printer. Support needs to be geographically based.  For example, for North American customers, the support center needs to be located in North America.”



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