CASHINO Five-Year Celebration in YunDing Mountain

  • 2016-08-12

With the scale of the company's development and growth, more and more employees. In order to improve the old and new staff team communication and collaboration capabilities, increase the feelings between each other, but also by the company on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the founding of, company organize an activity in YunDing Mountain.

YunDing Mountain is located in Yongtai, Fuzhou city, Fujian Province, more than 1000 meters above sea level, composed of five major scenic spots: Flowers terrace, Tianchi meadows, formed by volcanic eruptions of hundreds of millions of years before the Tianchi volcano and elevation of 1100 meters in the alpine meadow; singular form of cloud waterfall is by "Valley" run through, colorful waterfall, Red River Valley, Jade Valley Valley is inlaid in the cliffs, magnificent bionic path along the cliff line connection, by a total length of 1000 meters, vertical elevation 360 meters Spansion the peak and valley and connectivity.

First day arrive in YunDing Mountain, everyone is attracted by the beautiful scenery of nature, have stopped to take pictures, the we are very honored to be able to set the very characteristics of the "QQ eggs Hotel", its shape like egg shaped, round rolling, so lovely, by the female compatriots favor. After lunch, we took a break and take part in the local water splashing festival.  At first, we are too embarrassed to join in, after seeing the children playing awfully we join in. Alliance, revenge, attack, so many tactics.

In the evening, there are holding bonfire party. Singing, dancing very interesting. Later in the beer festival, the new handsome guy took second. At the end of the evening, the center of the stage raised a fire, and the tourists and the actors danced in “little apple”.

The next day, we ride the gondola along the way to enjoy the YunDing scenery, after watching a peculiar shape of the cloud falls, we the end of the trip.

Through this trip, so that people do not know each other to walk together, so that the more intimate understanding, to further promote our future with communication and collaboration.

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