CASHINO 2016 “Communication and Collaboration” Outdoor Activities

  • 2016-12-09

December 3, 2016 morning. all members of the CASHINO go to Haicang Qinglong Walled to participate in the company's outdoor development activities.


Along the way laughter, singing constantly, the bus quickly docked in the pleasant Dragon Walled.

Colleagues in accordance with the instructions of instructors conducted a simple grouping in order to carry out the next day of the athletic and cooperative projects.

After the group, the team are creative to come up with their own exclusive team name, team standard, team song, team slogan. Is divided into three groups, namely the Cavaliers, Hulk team, the perfect team.



Then the team began a tense and interesting competitive games - work together. (Ping-pong relay, intimate, volleyball drums, etc.)

Several games we all work together for their squad to win the key points, but also see their game deficiencies. Fortunately, we are good at summing up experience, improve the short board, so do not let their team scores too far behind. Teamwork can not be achieved without the solidarity and collaboration of everyone.

Competitive game ended, the team score comparable. The Cavaliers won the championship today!

One-day outdoor expansion activities successfully pulled down the curtain. In this activity, we rediscover the work was time to corrode away very valuable things: will, passion and vitality! But also let us realize that each colleague is playing an important role in the role. We usually work in life there are some potential capacity is not developed, as long as the confidence to have the courage to face, there is no problem can’t be solved.

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