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G20, new challenge for Cross-border electricity supplier


September 5, G20 summit in Hangzhou smooth closing up. In the global economy generally stagnated in the background, not only triggered a global provider of cross-border electricity continues to heat up, but also brought great good for the global cross-border development of electronic business.

In the past year, global trade growth slowing, China cross-border electricity supplier export growth also declined, but its growth rate is still higher than the general cargo trade import growth, China's import and export trade electricity supplier permeability also continue to maintain a high profile. Cross-border electricity supplier as an important "online Silk Road", the joint development of global trade plays an indispensable role, G20 summit focused on the promotion of global trade and investment with the world interoperability of content, no doubt for the cross-border electricity supplier market has brought a new positive.

Electricity supplier data show that by 2020, the global number of users of online shopping will exceed 20 million passengers. Then, the user's online shopping cross-regional demand will continue to increase cross-border electricity supplier to connect the world growth rate will continue to rise.

China plays an important role in global cross-border electricity supplier development process. As we all know, China has a huge consumer groups, and have "along the way", and other foreign aid platform, but also in a number of new domestic free trade zone, which are cross-border electricity supplier development of the foundation.

Whether CASHINO seize this opportunity or not?

CASHINO is a professional thermal printers provider, specializing in product research and development in the field of commercial paper printers, we have developed a variety of thermal printers, bar code printers, embedded printer, small ticket printer dot matrix printers and other receipt printers, after years of development and growth, the printer has now become a well-known brand in the field of special instruments, products widely used in government, education, finance, media, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets and other fields.

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