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How to ensure the reliability of kiosk thermal printers?

Anyone who touches a printer knows that the printer has a bad tendency, that is, the paper jam, the ink ran out, and gradually become a nuisance, kiosk thermal printers are no exception, but if you fo...

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New Kiosk Printer KP-300 in widely use

Kiosk thermal printer can be called the symbol of the development of the electronic technology. Kiosk printers can be used for many ways. It is a kind of the self-service, like the ATM. We can use it ...

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The technology in the receipt is constantly changing

There are so many receipts in our lives. We even joke that "receipt paper is even more than the money in our pocket"! But do you find that the hand feeling of receipts is different sometimes. One is t...

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KP-300H - a New 3 Inch Thermal Printer Solutions for Kiosks

As we all know, self-service kiosks allow customers to customize what they want easily, as well as asking for the table service. The result of a 2017 study shows that people has more satisfying experi...

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Does the direct thermal ticket printer really have ink?

"This thermal printer used to print very well. Why can't it print out the words after loading the thermal paper now? Is the printer running out of ink?" To answer this question, let's learn more about...

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Cashino-professional kiosk printer manufacturers

XIAMEN CASHINO TECHNILOGY CO.,LTD. Located in the beautiful coastal city-Xiamen, is a manufacturer of kiosk printers currently available offering durability, versatility and the dedicated printing fea...

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Kiosk Printers -Solutions for self-service kiosks

Self-service technology, including kiosks with kiosk printers, continues to increase in popularity in a wide range of vertical markets. Retailers of all types, as well as quick service restaurants, ga...

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How Kiosks Improve the Customer Service

Last year, one of the most frequently cited applications for self-service kiosk operators was order-and-pay at restaurants. Self-order kiosks (self order kiosks restaurants) can improve customer servi...

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Payments on the move

Mobile pay is taking China by storm and changing daily commerce. Mainland Chinese stores and services are increasingly centered around mobile pay apps like Alipay and WeChat Pay. When shoppi...

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